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Digital People and Customer Counter against Covid19

Corona people counter | customer counter | customer traffic light ideal for retail against Covid19

A brief background on how we came to develop the Corona people counter or customer counter or customer traffic light:

ECOSOPH GmbH / IoB watch was one of the first companies ever to respond to the officially ordered access restrictions due to the Corona pandemic in April this year. By testing with large retail chains, we were able to achieve impressive counting accuracy, plus we don’t have to record any personal data of customers. We use a technologically novel depth camera that is particularly privacy-friendly.

corona personenzähler einkaufszentrum
Corona Personenzähler | Kundenzähler | Kundenampel im Einzelhandel
corona personenzähler flughafen
Corona Personenzähler | Kundenzähler | Kundenampel am Flughafen.

Foreword to the Corona People Counter | Customer Counter | Customer Traffic Light

You can already say Covid-19 has changed our lives permanently and official orders and measures still determine the everyday life of many people including Germans. ECOSOPH GmbH has a wealth of experience in programming, electronics, computer vision and deep learning. Therefore, we were able to react quickly and successfully enough to develop a customer counter or people counter. This development did not take place in our office, but directly in Munich at highly frequented entrances of well-known retail chains. ECOSOPH GmbH is a high-tech startup in Germany (Bayerstr. 25, 80333 Munich), please see for more information.

People Counter | Customer Counter | Customer Traffic Light Technology

Since April 2020, we have been testing and optimizing our people counter with some of the largest retail chains in Germany. We are now in the process of rolling out our hardware to customers in the catchment area of Germany. Our people counting solution is based on the latest hardware, so-called edge devices, and depth cameras, and at a surprisingly fair price. As a technology startup with a focus on sensor technology, we also have experience in detecting people with ultrasonic sensors, infrared sensors and conventional RGB cameras. Based on our own experience, we can say that our depth cameras provide the best accuracy for counting people – otherwise, yes, we would have used a simpler sensor that we are also familiar with. Take a look at how our people counter works in the video below. There you can see that the software precisely captures, tracks and counts people. Furthermore, no personal images are captured or stored, so the privacy of the people incl. the legal requirements is ensured.

People counter against Covid19

Take a look at how our product counts. By using a depth camera, geometric shapes such as heads can be captured extremely precisely. This allows us to achieve high counting accuracy. Despite the increased counting accuracy compared to conventional RGB videos, no personal data is captured in the process.

ecosoph people counter app store

People Counter App

Our ECOSOPH app is a free service for you to maintain customer traffic light systems locally.

Customer counter | People counter Web interface

All configurations or settings can be made or set in our web interface. You can reach the web interface under the link: The web interface is optimized for smartphone, tablet and PC, so you can use any device and do not need to sit at the laptop or PC.

ecosoph kundenzaehler login

Customizable to your store:

The entire appearance can be adapted to your corporate identity and freely designed.

  • Free design of the front of the stand-up display
  • Completely different displays can also be used with manageable effort
  • Size of the monitor freely selectable
  • Screen displays freely designable in your corporate design
  • Freely designable, acoustic signals additionally possible
    Operation in the branch via easy-to-use app
kundenzaehler personenzaehler einzelhandel anpassung

Proprietary customer meter development with property rights

We develop our own hardware and software systems and have intellectual property rights on people counters with innovative features.

Projects and partners of ECOSOPH GmbH:

Projekte und Partner von ECOSOPH

More Information

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Please also take a look at the expertise of our team and our other products.

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