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If your meters do not start automatically, you have three tools at hand to solve this problem: 1) Our COUNTRONIC App, which is available in the Google Play Store, 2) the restart button directly on the device and 3) our service. With both tools you are able to restart the program or reboot the devices without ‘hard resetting’ them, i.e. disconnecting them from power. Please find a clear explanation of the two tools below.

ecosoph kundenzaehler login

All configurations or settings can be made or set in our web interface. You can reach the web interface under the link:
The web interface is optimized for smartphone, tablet and PC, so you can use any device and do not need to sit at the laptop or PC.

At the moment, the interface has the following functions (as of 12/21/2020):

  • Display of the current number of persons
  • Change of the current number of persons
  • Display of person limit
    Manual’ input of ‘Plus’ and ‘Minus’.

The following functions are still being programmed by us (as of 21.12.2020):

  • Notifications by mail and SMS, if a certain number of persons has been exceeded (target: week 51-52 2020).
  • Graphs and data history with statistics (target end of 2020 to KW2 2021).
  • Admin users can create additional users and assign rights. Store owners can create new accounts for employees, for example, where only the statistics are displayed but nothing can be changed in the settings (target January 2020).

Your suggestions:
We are eager to hear your ideas and ‘needs’. Send them to us by mail gladly to or call us then. We will try to implement them as good and fast as possible.



ecosoph people counter app store


Our ECOSOPH app is a free service for you to maintain customer traffic light systems locally. By local, we mean that you need to have local access to the customer traffic light WiFi, but do not need to be directly at the device. Our app currently only runs for Android devices, if needed we will still extend this service to iOS devices. You can download it from the Google Play Store. Please note that we will be adding more features to this app on a regular basis.

We will notify you about updates directly here (as of 12/21/2020).

Description COUNTRONIC App

With our customer counter app, you can service your ECOSOPH devices on site. All you need is an Android device and our free app available in the Google Play Store. Please download and start it. If necessary, you may need to give the app rights to access your location in order to scan WiFis in your area. You must be connected to the appropriate WiFi to control the devices. You will receive the configuration for your system from us by mail with QR code or the QR code is already on your device. Scan the QR code or enter the configuration manually – currently up to 4 meters are supported. More customer counters are not needed in our experience. Of course, the app does not collect any personal data or send any statistics to us.

In summary, the app has the following features:

We will be happy to send you the QR code with the configuration for your system by e-mail on request, or for newer devices this is already attached to the box. It is important that you are connected to the correct WLAN and that the device addresses are set correctly. The configuration is unique – after that nothing more has to be changed. On the right side of the picture you can see an exemplary QR-Code.

This Qr-Code contains exemplary the following configuration:

Counter1 IP:

Counter2 IP:

Counter3 IP:

Counter4 IP:


kundenzähler sample barcode

2. Restart – Button

On the side of the hardware box there is a stainless steel button (push button, see photo on the left). Please hold it down for different lengths of time as follows (see video) to start the counting program or to reboot the system:

Personenzaehler - Kundenzaehler Restartbutton

3. Service

You are welcome to reach us at the following channels:


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